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Quebec’s response to a global issue 

Each generation faces challenges which seem insurmountable. Today we are confronted by climate change. We are also faced with what we need to do to adapt to the situation. Without strong, concrete and immediate measures, the future of the next generations is in jeopardy. Flooding, forest fires, heat waves, tornadoes, riverbank erosion, droughts and natural disasters are multiplying. The climate emergency is undeniable. 

We need to rethink our way of living and protecting ourselves. We need to rethink our economy. We have to decarbonize our economy. We need to prepare for a world without petroleum. 

We need to electrify all that we can, but electricity isn’t the answer to all of our problems. There is, however, a solution for when electricity reaches its limit. It’s a made -to-measure solution for Quebec. 


Green hydrogen is the solution for replacing fossil fuels when electrification isn’t a possibility. Green hydrogen is produced by the electrolysis of water. Water and electricity are needed to produce hydrogen. Éco is a project for the future of Quebec.  

By developing the green hydrogen industry, Quebec will be adding to its hydroelectric value and will position itself a provider in all categories of renewable energy. 

The challenge of tomorrow is the transition to hydrogen for situations where electrification is impossible. ÉCO is the transition toward a world without petroleum. ÉCO means transitioning to carbon neutrality by 2050. 


Achieving carbon neutrality by 2050

The Éco Project is our project for achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. ÉCO will be both an ecological and economic priority. 

In order master the new horizon taking shape before us thanks to hydrogen, we need to equip ourselves with tools that are commensurate with our ambitions. 

That is why a Quebec Liberal Party government would nationalize the procurement of green hydrogen.

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